Essex Interns Vacancy Registration

Essex Interns is a free service from the University of Essex to match the skills of our students and graduates to the needs of employers, and allows interns to gain crucial workplace experience.
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Essex Interns Vacancy Registration

Essex Interns

Employer Internship Registration

Essex Interns is a free service from the University of Essex to match the skills of our students and graduates to the needs of employers and enables interns to gain crucial work experience.

Through the scheme, you can access a talented pool of both current students and recent graduates. They can help to plan or deliver a specific project or provide an extra resource for a busy workload. Students are available to work part-time around their studies during term-time (subject to your location) and full-time during vacations. Recent graduates can work full or part-time.

Full and part-time internships can vary in duration, usually from around 6 weeks (minimum) to up to one year. although the most popular duration is between 6-12 weeks. Many employers offer internships over the summer period, and an internship can also serve as a trial period for a permanent post if you are looking to ultimately recruit a graduate.

We don’t dictate exactly what an internship should look like, but we do ask that it is a genuine paid* undergraduate or graduate level work opportunity, which includes an element of learning and development for the intern. This may be a chance for the intern to gain a better understanding of the business environment, allowing them to apply their knowledge in a workplace setting, or could involve the development of more comprehensive project skills. 

* To attract the best candidates we encourage employers to offer a rate of pay suitable for the calibre of candidate and the level of work undertaken. Internships are subject to UK National Minimum and Living Wage Regulations

Essex Interns only accept vacancies paying at least the 21-24 National Minimum Wage rate (or National Living Wage for over 25’s), or higher.

You must directly employ the intern through PAYE and pay on at least a monthly basis. All interns must be employed by you before they can undertake any work for you. 

We do not accept applications for self-employed vacancies, zero-hours contracts, or employment that involves working at an employer’s private home address. Remote working may be accepted on a case by case basis at our discretion.

If you intend to engage any intern who is under the age of 18 you will need to produce and provide a copy of your young person risk assessment and safeguarding policy before the internship starts.

To register an opportunity with us please complete and submit this form.

Subject to approval, we will promote your vacancy to interested students and graduates, providing them with a deadline to apply with a CV and covering letter. After the deadline, these applications will be sent to you. You may then call to interview any applicants you would like to meet. We ask you to look for the potential in these applicants, as for some it may be one of their first formal job application experiences.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions about the scheme or would like to discuss a potential opportunity with us. We would very much welcome the opportunity to work with you. 

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