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Essex CareerHub is a one stop shop for you to advertise your full or part-time job vacancies, work placements, internships and graduate schemes to University of Essex students and graduates - completely free of charge.

It should enable to reach a large audience very quickly.

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Please Note: all new opportunities added to Essex CareerHub must be approved by the University's Employability and Careers Centre. In order to minimise any potential for delays in the publication of your position, please read the  Terms & Conditions and guidelines for posting vacancies.

Common reasons for rejection or delay include:

 -  the advertisement does not clearly show the pay details. 

We have a duty of care to ensure all UK advertisements comply with UK National Minimum Wage and National Living Wage Legislation and a policy that all positions must be paid (except for genuine volunteering roles within UK based charities). In our experience adverts wish specify the salary have a better hit rate, however If you do wish to state the salary as "competitive" or "negotiable" please add in brackets "Meets or exceeds NMW/NLW" - (providing of course that it does). When stating a salary amount please specify currency and frequency e.g. £ per hour/week/month. If specifying £ per shift please make it clear the hours the person will be expected to work per shift. e.g. £40 per 4hr shift)

- it is not clear whether the person will be employed or self-employed.

Please note we do not advertise self-employed or freelance positions on Essex CareerHub.

- The role requires the student to make some form of payment 

To ensure equality of opportunity and to protect vulnerable applicants we do not accept opportunities where the applicant is required to make any form of payment in order to access the opportunity.

Want to know more about working with the University of Essex in other ways?

The Employer Services Team within the Employability & Careers Centre is always happy to hear from organisations wishing to access the skills of our students and graduates.

For more information about ways to engage please visit our business pages or simply email us at: employerlink@essex.ac.uk

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