Privacy Notice and Collection of Data


The Employerlink Team and Careers Services at the University of Essex seek to maximise employment and employability related opportunities of all kinds for both our current students and recent graduates. We also aim to maximise opportunities for any potential employers to gain access to the talent pool of students and graduates available to them.


In order to do this it is necessary for us to research and collect data about local, national and international organisations and make contact with them to raise awareness of, and advise them about, our employer services which may be of benefit their organisation. We do this through a combination of online, telephone and face to face activity, including data provided directly by organisations via email or our online job board Essex CareerHub.

It is necessary for us to accurately collate, record, store and process contact data on our in-house CRM systems for the purpose of recording interactions, improving and tailoring our services and keeping potential clients up to date with our services which may be of legitimate interest to them.

We never share any of the information we collect by any method with any third party other than anonymised data which is purely used for statistical analysis and evaluation. In addition we may use any information you provide to aid our strategic development, inform our marketing activity and provide reports for internal use. We may from time to time request your express permission to share non-anonymised data for specific purposes but will never do this without your advance permission.

Lawful Basis

We believe this activity to be in the legitimate interests of the organisations we connect with; of our students and graduates; of the University of Essex and also of wider society in so much as we better prepare our students and graduates for the world of work, meet the needs and demands of the labour force, and help match students and graduate talent to business need - boosting overall economic productivity. We believe this contact has minimal or no detriment or intrusion to the contact individual’s interests, rights or freedom and would be reasonably expected activity from any university careers service.

Retention and removal

We will retain this data until we hear otherwise from you. If you wish to be removed from our list of contacts within the CRM database please email: